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A robust and challenging discussion on exercises outlined in the INSIGHT and TROUBLESHOOTING pages of This Site.

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Duncan Wallace

A colleague of mine who recently finished reading The Book of Psychological Truths made a statement to the book's practical value. He said: " It provides me with a sort of mental fitness, very much the same way working out keeps my body fit. This is fitness for the mind." He further explained that recently, because of a significant change in his professional life, that he had experienced more stress and pressure than he had in his previous position. He applied the truth that he had read in the beginning chapter on how mental pressure is created and how to eliminate it. He found it worked!

Encouraged by his success, he decided to continue learning about the processes the book addresses. He found The Truths to be very practical, and consistent success was achieved when he applied what he'd learned. This is what inspired him to identify these exercises as  "mental fitness". He plans on reading it again and again, there by strengthening his newly learned concepts . He now sees the book as a valuable reference that he can use all of his life.

This gentleman's interest in the book was engaged by the death of his young daughter. He was actively searching for ways to deal with what seemed to be almost unbearable grief. He has since shared the concepts he now understands with his family. It was his 13 year old son who, after studying the book with his father, told his father that he wants to be a psychiatrist when he reaches adulthood. This type of response is very gratifying and moves my effort to share this knowledge with others with even greater enthusiasm. I do believe that the message contained therein is a message for all of us. The need to control our minds rather than vice-versa is universal. I hope that you will also view it as a resource and a tool in maintaining your own mental fitness.

To that end, I am developing some major tools, in the form of supplementary exercises that will be available at my website, at a very low cost. They are designed to be easily accessible, and easy to digest and understand. The intent is to further clarify the anchoring concepts found in my book. They are found on the INSIGHTS page of this website.