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A robust and challenging discussion on exercises outlined in the INSIGHT and TROUBLESHOOTING pages of This Site.


Duncan Wallace


Many gratifying things are happening. I will be able to publish my book locally and have it distributed to booksellers so I can do book signings without hindrance. Previously online publishing was not the fruitful way for book signings as the booksellers have their own methods and I now can interface with them and their distributors to make the books available for book signings. I have added one line to the title, as follows: THE BOOK OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TRUTHS,  OUR LIFE TRUTHS. I did this to emphasize how much these are all of our truths, that work in all of us, to produce our strongest and best quality-of-life, eminently pain–free and full of wisdom and capability.


As you may know, my Amazon sales under my book title name has had 23/23 five star ratings by reviewers. I haven't seen any that match that record for five stars – 100%! Also, the only book signing that I have done for a bookstore, as yet, was in West Yellowstone, Montana at a great little bookstore  called the Book Peddler, July 28, 2012. While they sold 13 books that day, they have now sold a total of 33. That is gratifying and points to the potential with large book signings at large retail booksellers, soon to come. All of this will help get these truths into the world, working for people, where they belong.  


See what a woman who received my book from her mother who picked it up at the Toronto book fair has to say about it.  

                       "I'd like to thank you for sharing your wisdom in your 'Psychological Truths' book.     My mother picked up your book at the University of Toronto book fair and it proved to be a great source of comfort during a difficult time in my life. ............. I have read many self – help books, however your book is by far the best one I have read to date. Thank you for helping me find my strength when I felt I had lost it. All the best Dr. Wallace, I look forward to hearing from you. ....about where I can find more copies."  

                       Name withheld by request, Toronto, Canada.  


Very soon individual tools can be obtained on this website that will give you detailed explanations, questions and answers, and audiovisual downloads that will provide a variety of

ways to learn some of the most important truths and what they will do for you. These are exciting times, and there are many exciting times to come as these TRUTHS work their way into the world of human consciousness and ever– increasing capability. 


R. Duncan Wallace, MD