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A robust and challenging discussion on exercises outlined in the INSIGHT and TROUBLESHOOTING pages of This Site.


Duncan Wallace

An exciting, unsolicited endorsement came as a delightful surprise from Brian Young, a computer programmer for the US Army in New Jersey for 30 years, and a book reader for 40+ years. He thought it to be excellent and very useful already. He gave me permission to talk about his email and what he saw in the book. He had been drawn to the book, he said, for reasons he didn't know but found it very good, with excellent and useable ideas. He particularly liked to apply the ideas from the self power chapter. He said it was one of the top three books he had ever read, the Bible being  number one. You can see his review on under my book title, The Book of Psychological Truths. He also said he was going to read it a second time, as it was that good.

Further, he asked if I had any advice for a friend's niece who had been date– raped in college, recently. She was doing poorly, had not yet turned the person in and hadn't pressed charges even though there was positive DNA evidence from a rape kit and an examination. He said she seemed paralyzed, unable to take action, and she was crying a lot. She was not attending classes and seemed quite down, possibly depressed. I composed a set of recommendations and explanations for what she might be experiencing and what she could do about it for her benefit. I titled it "TRAUMA REACTIONS".  It will be available on my website under INSIGHTS. It pertains not only to women or girls who have had these terrible experiences but to people everywhere who have had childhood traumas, military traumas, natural disasters, or accidents which have caused  emotional turmoil in their lives. This article also includes POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, with descriptions and recommended treatments.

Exciting things about the book’s availability continue to happen. The book is now published both in my possession and with my distributor, Brigham Distributing, who will be getting them into stores for booksignings. Currently, Barnes& Noble and Costco are asking for dates. These will start in March 2014.

On February 8 I'm going to New Zealand and I will be presenting to a healthcare company that creates computer programs for hospitals and health systems in southern Australia and in New Zealand. This will be a business seminar that caused enthusiastic exclamations in potential participants. They emailed the comments to me. It should be both fun and valuable. I will also contact booksellers in both Australia and New Zealand.

I have people in my acquaintance who love the book and who have connections with smaller bookstores and other retail outlets. They placed the books in those stores and they sold immediately. They're willing to do this because they say ”It is such a great book I love to do this". Also my massage therapist who is well respected and a brilliant, practical thinker (he is Den, quoted in my book's last chapter) has sold 12 books out of his massage therapy parlor in a week. At my hospital and in my practice people ask often about the book and many buy it. The same occurs in my neighborhood. I can see  things will get very busy, but it's for good cause it's exciting and a whole new new adventure for me.