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A robust and challenging discussion on exercises outlined in the INSIGHT and TROUBLESHOOTING pages of This Site.


Duncan Wallace

Welcome to what can be a great adventure of your mind.

I am excited to share with you these elegant, powerful, and ever-present tools of thought that will continuously increase your ability to handle life and all it presents you. These tools are the powerful psychological truths of our mind, the actual thoughts and patterns of the mind that make possible our highest and best functioning self.

Fortunately we are all able to recognize truth when we see it. These psychological truths are as evident as any other thing that we understand is true. They are the bedrock truths of the human mind. We can recognize and incorporate them into our conscious deliberate responses and decisions once they are apparent to us. I call them psychological truths because they are the universal truths that ultimately determine our best state of mind.

We all use them some of the time, mostly without being aware of it. When we come to know them consciously and adopt them as our own, by choice, we can advance our abilities far beyond our wildest expectations . 

The Truths yield wide-ranging results. They can eliminate mental pressure and emotional or psychological pain. They accomplish this by correcting the thought patterns that create and maintain them. They can extract the sting of painful emotions, and convert those emotions into empowering new discoveries. Reflect upon the frequency of painful emotions we feel pain in a month. Each pain is an unparalleled opportunity to make a new discovery. How many opportunities might one then have missed out on by never having armed oneself with these universal psychological truths?

Some of these psychological truths will increase your self power and strengthen your overall mental constitution. They will teach you how to avoid giving others power over you... unless, of course, you offer this up wisely, by choice. The Truths will teach you how to make strong agreements with yourself, with the truth, and with others. When you use them you will be powerful in negotiations. 

Uncertainties do sometimes trouble us. They can be vexing. We can become so uncertain, so overwhelmed by uncertainty, that we become confused about what we are certain and uncertain about.Many truths address the discrepancy between certainty and uncertainty. By stopping and using the truths about both certainty and uncertainty we can clear up the confusion and move forward confidently,  adept at conquering these cycles which we have previously been trapped within.

Other Truths will prove to be the tools and solutions to those long-standing problems that they address, including long–term guilt, remorse, and psychological depression. Still others will teach you how you may continually grow and improve your level of effectiveness and confidence.

Other Truths teach you how you may enhance and grace your important relationships, and communicate clearly and effectively.

Others,  how to belong and how to discover...

Would it not be helpful and even delightful to increase the frequency of your pleasurable emotions?  The Truths make all these things possible.

These Psychological Truths are the central information system of the human mind. As such, they apply to any and all fields of focus. Further, they are immediately usable and will accomplish the same desired result your whole life-long. They will continuously increase your capacity to handle life. These truths were discovered during a 49 year career of clinical work, seminars, case studies, scholarly research, and with interactions between thousands of people. Ultimately they are confirmed through the consistent results they generate.  

It is both my privilege and a joy to now bring them to you.                                                 

R. Duncan Wallace, M.D.