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A robust and challenging discussion on exercises outlined in the INSIGHT and TROUBLESHOOTING pages of This Site.


Duncan Wallace

An exciting, unsolicited endorsement came as a delightful surprise from Brian Young, a computer programmer for the US Army in New Jersey for 30 years, and a book reader for 40+ years. He thought it to be excellent and very useful already. He gave me permission to talk about his email and what he saw in the book. He had been drawn to the book, he said, for reasons he didn't know but found it very good, with excellent and useable ideas. He particularly liked to apply the ideas from the self power chapter. He said it was one of the top three books he had ever read, the Bible being  number one. You can see his review on under my book title, The Book of Psychological Truths. He also said he was going to read it a second time, as it was that good.

Further, he asked if I had any advice for a friend's niece who had been date– raped in college, recently. She was doing poorly, had not yet turned the person in and hadn't pressed charges even though there was positive DNA evidence from a rape kit and an examination. He said she seemed paralyzed, unable to take action, and she was crying a lot. She was not attending classes and seemed quite down, possibly depressed. I composed a set of recommendations and explanations for what she might be experiencing and what she could do about it for her benefit. I titled it "TRAUMA REACTIONS".  It will be available on my website under INSIGHTS. It pertains not only to women or girls who have had these terrible experiences but to people everywhere who have had childhood traumas, military traumas, natural disasters, or accidents which have caused  emotional turmoil in their lives. This article also includes POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, with descriptions and recommended treatments.

Exciting things about the book’s availability continue to happen. The book is now published both in my possession and with my distributor, Brigham Distributing, who will be getting them into stores for booksignings. Currently, Barnes& Noble and Costco are asking for dates. These will start in March 2014.

On February 8 I'm going to New Zealand and I will be presenting to a healthcare company that creates computer programs for hospitals and health systems in southern Australia and in New Zealand. This will be a business seminar that caused enthusiastic exclamations in potential participants. They emailed the comments to me. It should be both fun and valuable. I will also contact booksellers in both Australia and New Zealand.

I have people in my acquaintance who love the book and who have connections with smaller bookstores and other retail outlets. They placed the books in those stores and they sold immediately. They're willing to do this because they say ”It is such a great book I love to do this". Also my massage therapist who is well respected and a brilliant, practical thinker (he is Den, quoted in my book's last chapter) has sold 12 books out of his massage therapy parlor in a week. At my hospital and in my practice people ask often about the book and many buy it. The same occurs in my neighborhood. I can see  things will get very busy, but it's for good cause it's exciting and a whole new new adventure for me.



Duncan Wallace


Many gratifying things are happening. I will be able to publish my book locally and have it distributed to booksellers so I can do book signings without hindrance. Previously online publishing was not the fruitful way for book signings as the booksellers have their own methods and I now can interface with them and their distributors to make the books available for book signings. I have added one line to the title, as follows: THE BOOK OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TRUTHS,  OUR LIFE TRUTHS. I did this to emphasize how much these are all of our truths, that work in all of us, to produce our strongest and best quality-of-life, eminently pain–free and full of wisdom and capability.


As you may know, my Amazon sales under my book title name has had 23/23 five star ratings by reviewers. I haven't seen any that match that record for five stars – 100%! Also, the only book signing that I have done for a bookstore, as yet, was in West Yellowstone, Montana at a great little bookstore  called the Book Peddler, July 28, 2012. While they sold 13 books that day, they have now sold a total of 33. That is gratifying and points to the potential with large book signings at large retail booksellers, soon to come. All of this will help get these truths into the world, working for people, where they belong.  


See what a woman who received my book from her mother who picked it up at the Toronto book fair has to say about it.  

                       "I'd like to thank you for sharing your wisdom in your 'Psychological Truths' book.     My mother picked up your book at the University of Toronto book fair and it proved to be a great source of comfort during a difficult time in my life. ............. I have read many self – help books, however your book is by far the best one I have read to date. Thank you for helping me find my strength when I felt I had lost it. All the best Dr. Wallace, I look forward to hearing from you. ....about where I can find more copies."  

                       Name withheld by request, Toronto, Canada.  


Very soon individual tools can be obtained on this website that will give you detailed explanations, questions and answers, and audiovisual downloads that will provide a variety of

ways to learn some of the most important truths and what they will do for you. These are exciting times, and there are many exciting times to come as these TRUTHS work their way into the world of human consciousness and ever– increasing capability. 


R. Duncan Wallace, MD


Duncan Wallace

A colleague of mine who recently finished reading The Book of Psychological Truths made a statement to the book's practical value. He said: " It provides me with a sort of mental fitness, very much the same way working out keeps my body fit. This is fitness for the mind." He further explained that recently, because of a significant change in his professional life, that he had experienced more stress and pressure than he had in his previous position. He applied the truth that he had read in the beginning chapter on how mental pressure is created and how to eliminate it. He found it worked!

Encouraged by his success, he decided to continue learning about the processes the book addresses. He found The Truths to be very practical, and consistent success was achieved when he applied what he'd learned. This is what inspired him to identify these exercises as  "mental fitness". He plans on reading it again and again, there by strengthening his newly learned concepts . He now sees the book as a valuable reference that he can use all of his life.

This gentleman's interest in the book was engaged by the death of his young daughter. He was actively searching for ways to deal with what seemed to be almost unbearable grief. He has since shared the concepts he now understands with his family. It was his 13 year old son who, after studying the book with his father, told his father that he wants to be a psychiatrist when he reaches adulthood. This type of response is very gratifying and moves my effort to share this knowledge with others with even greater enthusiasm. I do believe that the message contained therein is a message for all of us. The need to control our minds rather than vice-versa is universal. I hope that you will also view it as a resource and a tool in maintaining your own mental fitness.

To that end, I am developing some major tools, in the form of supplementary exercises that will be available at my website, at a very low cost. They are designed to be easily accessible, and easy to digest and understand. The intent is to further clarify the anchoring concepts found in my book. They are found on the INSIGHTS page of this website. 




Duncan Wallace

Welcome to what can be a great adventure of your mind.

I am excited to share with you these elegant, powerful, and ever-present tools of thought that will continuously increase your ability to handle life and all it presents you. These tools are the powerful psychological truths of our mind, the actual thoughts and patterns of the mind that make possible our highest and best functioning self.

Fortunately we are all able to recognize truth when we see it. These psychological truths are as evident as any other thing that we understand is true. They are the bedrock truths of the human mind. We can recognize and incorporate them into our conscious deliberate responses and decisions once they are apparent to us. I call them psychological truths because they are the universal truths that ultimately determine our best state of mind.

We all use them some of the time, mostly without being aware of it. When we come to know them consciously and adopt them as our own, by choice, we can advance our abilities far beyond our wildest expectations . 

The Truths yield wide-ranging results. They can eliminate mental pressure and emotional or psychological pain. They accomplish this by correcting the thought patterns that create and maintain them. They can extract the sting of painful emotions, and convert those emotions into empowering new discoveries. Reflect upon the frequency of painful emotions we feel pain in a month. Each pain is an unparalleled opportunity to make a new discovery. How many opportunities might one then have missed out on by never having armed oneself with these universal psychological truths?

Some of these psychological truths will increase your self power and strengthen your overall mental constitution. They will teach you how to avoid giving others power over you... unless, of course, you offer this up wisely, by choice. The Truths will teach you how to make strong agreements with yourself, with the truth, and with others. When you use them you will be powerful in negotiations. 

Uncertainties do sometimes trouble us. They can be vexing. We can become so uncertain, so overwhelmed by uncertainty, that we become confused about what we are certain and uncertain about.Many truths address the discrepancy between certainty and uncertainty. By stopping and using the truths about both certainty and uncertainty we can clear up the confusion and move forward confidently,  adept at conquering these cycles which we have previously been trapped within.

Other Truths will prove to be the tools and solutions to those long-standing problems that they address, including long–term guilt, remorse, and psychological depression. Still others will teach you how you may continually grow and improve your level of effectiveness and confidence.

Other Truths teach you how you may enhance and grace your important relationships, and communicate clearly and effectively.

Others,  how to belong and how to discover...

Would it not be helpful and even delightful to increase the frequency of your pleasurable emotions?  The Truths make all these things possible.

These Psychological Truths are the central information system of the human mind. As such, they apply to any and all fields of focus. Further, they are immediately usable and will accomplish the same desired result your whole life-long. They will continuously increase your capacity to handle life. These truths were discovered during a 49 year career of clinical work, seminars, case studies, scholarly research, and with interactions between thousands of people. Ultimately they are confirmed through the consistent results they generate.  

It is both my privilege and a joy to now bring them to you.                                                 

R. Duncan Wallace, M.D.